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Document title Authors Year Source
CFD and wind tunnel analysis of outdoor ventilation in a real compact heterogeneous urban area: Evaluation using “air delay” Antoniou, Montazeri, Wigo, Neophytou, Blocken, Sandberg 2017 Building and Environment
The pollutant removal capacity of urban street canyons as quantified by the pollutant exchange velocity Kubilay, A., Neophytou, M.K.-A., Matsentides, S.,Loizou, M., Carmeliet, J. 2017 Urban Climate
Air flow and pollution in a real, heterogeneous urban street canyon: A field and laboratory study Karra, S., Malki-Epshtein, L., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2017 Atmospheric Environment
The Pollutant Removal Capacity of an Urban Street Canyon and its Link to the Breathability and Exchange Velocity Kubilay, A., Neophytou, M.K.-A., Matsentides, S., Loizou, M., Carmeliet, J. 2017 Procedia Engineering
How can a Multi-scale Analysis Guide Smart Urban Energy Demand Management? An Example from London City Westminster Borough Mouzourides, P.,Kyprianou, A., Choudhary, R., Ching, J., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2017 Procedia Engineering
The role of materials selection in the urban heat island effect in dry mid-latitude climates Kakoniti, A., Georgiou, G., Marakkos, K., Kumar, P., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2016 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Assessment of long-term measurements of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in South-East Mediterranean Mouzourides, P., Kumar, P., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2015 Atmospheric Environment
The rise of low-cost sensing for managing air pollution in cities Kumar, P., Morawska, L., Martani, C., (…), Norford, L., Britter, R. 2015 Environment International
An experimental study of the flow through and over two dimensional rectangular roughness elements: Deductions for urban boundary layer parameterizations and exchange processes Neophytou, M.K.-A., Markides, C.N., Fokaides, P.A. 2014 Physics of Fluids
Promotion of wind energy in isolated energy systems: The case of the Orites wind farm Fokaides, P.A., Miltiadous, I.-C., Neophytou, M.K.-A., Spyridou, L.-P. 2014 Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Searching for the distinctive signature of a city in atmospheric modelling: Could the Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA) provide the DNA of a city? Mouzourides, P., Kyprianou, A., Brown, M.J., (…), Choudhary, R., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2014 Urban Climate
A scaling law for the Urban Heat Island phenomenon: Deductions from field measurements and comparisons with existing results from laboratory experiments Neophytou, M.K.-A., Fernando, H.J.S., Batchvarova, E., (…), Lelieveld, J., Tryphonos, E. 2014 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fluids Engineering Division (Publication) FEDSM
A Scale-Adaptive Approach for Spatially-Varying Urban Morphology Characterization in Boundary Layer Parametrization Using Multi-Resolution Analysis Mouzourides, P., Kyprianou, A., Neophytou, M.K.-A. 2013 Boundary-Layer Meteorology
City breathability as quantified by the exchange velocity and its spatial variation in real inhomogeneous urban geometries: An example from central London urban area Panagiotou, I., Neophytou, M.K.-A., Hamlyn, D., Britter, R.E. 2013 Science of the Total Environment
Comparison between measured and calculated energy performance for dwellings in a summer dominant environment Fokaides, P.A., Maxoulis, C.N., Panayiotou, G.P., Neophytou, M.K.-A., Kalogirou, S.A. 2011 Energy and Buildings
An inter-comparison of three urban wind models using Oklahoma City Joint Urban 2003 wind field measurements Neophytou, M., Gowardhan, A., Brown, M. 2011 Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
The dispersion of traffic related pollutants across a non-homogeneous street canyon Karra, S., Malki-Epshtein, L., Neophytou, M. 2011 Procedia Environmental Sciences
Determination of the rheological parameters of self-compacting concrete matrix using slump flow test Neophytou, M.K.-A., Pourgouri, S., Kanellopoulos, A.D., (…), Georgiou, G., Alexandrou, A. 2010 Applied Rheology
The characteristics and the energy behaviour of the residential building stock of Cyprus in view of Directive 2002/91/EC Panayiotou, G.P., Kalogirou, S.A., Florides, G.A., (…), Symeou, A., Georgakis, G. 2010 Energy and Buildings
Urban tracer dispersion experiment in London (DAPPLE) 2003: Field study and comparison with empirical prediction Martin, D., Nickless, G., Price, C.S., (…), Arnold, S.J., Shallcross, D.E. 2010 Atmospheric Science Letters
Urban tracer dispersion experiments during the second DAPPLE field campaign in London 2004 Martin, D.,Price, C.S.,White, I.R., (…),Smalley, R.J.,Shallcross, D.E. 2010 Atmospheric Environment
The energy behaviour of the residential building stock in cyprus in view of the energy performance of buildings directive implementation Kalogirou, S.A., Maxoulis, C.N., Florides, G. A., (…), Symeou, A., Georgakis, G. 2010 Proceedings: CESB 2010 Prague – Central Europe towards Sustainable Building ‘From Theory to Practice’
Cyprus building energy performance methodology: A comparison of the calculated and measured energy consumption results Panayiotou, G., Maxoulis, C.N., Kalogirou, S.A., (…), Hadjinikolaou, N., Georgakis, G. 2010 Proceedings: CESB 2010 Prague – Central Europe towards Sustainable Building ‘From Theory to Practice’


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